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Our Services

At Fresh Start House Cleaning, we are proud of our highly trained, professional staff. We offer top quality weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time cleaning at affordable rates.

We’ve put our experience to work, and have come up with a general check list, to ensure that you will be perfectly satisfied every time we clean for you. The general check list includes the usual chores such as vacuuming and mopping floors, dusting and polishing furniture, scouring kitchen and bathrooms. In addition, many homeowners have their own priorities and we pay careful attention to any special instructions given to us.

Here is a list of services we offer our clients:

  • Weekly House Cleaning
  • Bi Weekly House Cleaning
  • Monthly House Cleaning
  • One-time Deep Cleaning
  • Move-Out or Move-In Cleaning
  • Spring Cleaning

If you have any special cleaning requests, please call to discuss.

Stinky Garage Disposal?

Stinky Garage Disposal?

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Freshen Your Pillows

Freshen Your Pillows

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