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What We Do

Call or email us today and ask for a list of the extensive services we include with each cleaning job. At Fresh Start House Cleaning, we are happy to customize the job to meet your needs. If you have a request that you do not see on this list, let us know and we will take care of it for you!



Dust all fixtures
Remove all cobwebs
Wipe down exterior of all cabinets and drawers
Clean exterior of all appliances
Clean stove top and under burners
Clean microwave, inside and out
Wipe down and sanitize counter
Sweep, vacuum floor
Mop floor
Wipe down baseboards
Sanitize sink
Wipe down table and chairs



Dust light fixtures
Remove cobwebs
Clean and shine mirror
Clean and sanitize counters
Clean and sanitize sink
Sparkle shine all fixtures
Wipe exterior of cabinets, drawers
Clean & scrub toilet bowl
Clean toilet base & exterior
Scrub shower/tub
Wipe down baseboards
Clean doors and door handles
Sweep floor
Mop floor

Common Living Areas


Dust light fixtures
Remove cobwebs
Dust all furniture
Dust all decor, picture frames, etc
Dust window sills
Sweep, vacuum under furniture
Vacuum carpeted areas
Sweep floors
Mop floors
Wipe down doors, door handles
Clean baseboards